CE Directives

CE marking directives are the guidelines and the evaluation parameters for providing a ce mark for a product. There are various guidelines that one has to abide by for a successful implementation of a CE mark. We provide various directive guidelines that are relevant for different products. This marking guideline are unique to the nature of the products. Depending on the nature of the products specific guidelines are implemented and meeting the requisites of the guideline as per the ce mark directives helps the proper marking of the products.

A Brief about the directive

There is a list of the directives that helps the proper categorization of the products.

  • Machinery Directives: This directive are implemented on various machinery considering the safety aspects of machinery alongside providing safety guidelines for components, ropes, chains and other machinery accessories
  • Low voltage directives: These guidelines provide the rules for limiting of voltage usages set as per the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 26 February 2014.
  • Construction product regulation: These guidelines are specific to the marketing of construction products.
  • EMC directives: This is specific guidelines for Electromagnetic devices and their usages. Medical device directives: These directives are based on the ce marking for medical device ensuring the safety and better performance of medical equipment.
  • Personal protection directives: This is the guidelines based on the personal safety and protection for the usage of devices
  • Pressure equipment directives: These rules are based on the circulation of safe pressure equipment.
  • REACH regulation: Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) is based on usage of chemical products.
  • ROHS directives: This is the rules for the ce marking of substance free from electronic and equipment hazards.
  • WEEE directives: These directives are based on the waste electrical and electronic equipment usages.
  • ATEX directives: This is the rules for usage of potentially explosive substances.
  • Toy safety directives: This is the guidelines for the ce mark of safe toys.
  • R & TTE Directives: These guidelines are based on the safety and mutual confirmation of the usage of radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment.
  • Other directives: There are several other directives like the recreational craft directives, noise emission directives. directives for gaseous fuels, lift usage directives and pyrotechnic usage directives.

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