CE Marking FAQ

If you see ‘CE Mark’ on any product it means manufacturer of that product has met all requirements related to that product to be sold in European union & the same has been verified & approved by a competent CE Marking authority. CE marking is an evaluation of products based on European CE marking directives. The CE mark is a representation of trust and authenticity

Conformitée Européenne as the letters CE stands for. The word indicates European Conformity. Thus, CE is the indication of confirmation as per European Product safety guidelines.

CE Marking is necessary for two reasons: first to indicate EEA Member State market surveillance authorities that product meets all regulatory requirements. Secondly to give confidence to customers that product is safe for use.

An EC Declaration of conformity is manufacturers declaration. Prior to marking declaration manufacture must establish technical documentation. This documentation must describe the design, manufacture and operation of the product and must be available to the surveillance authorities of EU Member States for 10 years.

CE Certificate is a mandatory requirement to place product in European Market. CE Marking certification is widely accepted by various countries of the world including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom as well as Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.

The ce certification can be achieved by two different ways. The product having a low risk of hazards can achieve a ce mark certificate by internal manufacturing inspection which means that the manufacture himself takes the responsibility of auditing the product and declaring the confirmation and the transparency of the quality of the product. Products with higher risk need to go through conformity assessment procedure which means that the confirmation would be based on an third party audit, these third parties are authorized by the European CE marking committee.

ce marking certificate is a sign of authenticity of products. CE allows a scope of marketing the products across different countries in the world. By an evaluation of the CE committee, you can also have your designs and the product quality enhanced.

An EU harmonized standard is a standard being accepted by the world. A CE mark is an indication that the product is as per the required standards of safety and quality.

Since the ce marking is being recognized by various countries thus a CE mark on your product allows an easy pass to the world market.

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