CE Marking Process

CE Marking Rules

It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to determine whether or not a product is eligible to be CE marked. After the product has been assessed according to one of the conformity assessment procedures required in the applicable directive(s) and the manufacturer is satisfied the product meets the essential requirements of the directive(s) which apply to the product, the general requirement is that a responsible officer of the manufacturer completes an EC declaration of conformity. The manufacturer can then affix the CE marking to a product.

For the confirmation of the validity and the credibility of the products, there are several stages of evaluation and auditing that occurs in chronological order. Each and every step of evaluation and auditing ensures that all the marking guidelines are met. The ce marking process is an elaborate procedure conducted by the experts to ensure the credibility of the products.

  • STEP 1: IDENTIFICATION OF APPLICABLE DIRECTIVE: There are many directives in CE Marking (old directives & new approach directives), you need to identify most applicable directive on your product.
  • STEP 2: IDENTIFICATION OF APPLICABLE REQUIREMENTS OF THE DIRECTIVE: Each CE Marking Directive has its on requirements related to products. In a directive you will get reference of applicable ‘harmonised European Norms’ (Standard) known as hENs (Harmonised EN Standards). You need to ensure that your product meets requirements of respective hENs.
  • STEP 3: IDENTIFICATION OF APPROPRIATE ROUTE TO CONFORMITY: There are different route of conformity in CE Marking for example: Notified body, self declaration, involvement of third party competent authorities (depending of applicable directive you need to choose your CE Marking Module).
  • STEP 4: ASSESSMENT OF THE PRODUCT’S CONFORMITY: Your product need to be tested / evaluated as per applicable CE Marking directives & hENs related to that EU Directive.
  • STEP 5: PREPARE TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION (TCF): You need to prepare a technical file of your product which should include : product picture, drawing, Manufacturing process, QC plan, standard referred & test results, etc.
  • STEP 6: MAKE EC DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY AND AFFIX THE CE MARK: At last you need to make a declaration of conformity which includes: product name, brand name, model details (if required), applicable directive, applicable harmonised standards, manufacture name, manufacture address & manufacture’s contact detail. After signing ‘EC Declaration of Conformity’ you can put CE Marking on your product (following CE Marking rules)

A marking process followed by us understands no compromise on quality

We are stringent about the quality paremeters while we perform CE Marking audits. We believe in providing best CE marking certification services so that the end product is marketable without any hindrance. Our policies are completely based on the legal and the ethical laws and strictly adhere to the same.

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