CE Marking Rules

The full form of CE is "Conformité Européene" which means that the product is confirmed under the regulation of Europian standards. There are certain rules that that the marking community abides by while providing a CE mark on your product. The basic guidelines are mentioned bellow:

  • The making can only be affixed by the manufacturer of someone authorized on behalf of the manufacturer. The CE mark is not transferable to a third party.
  • The marking can only be affixed by for the product which is being audited. It means a manufacturer obtaining a CE template cannot affix it to all the products if each and every product is not audited. The templates are product specific and not manufacturer specific
  • The manufacturer has to agree upon the responsibility of product which is being confirmed. The manufacturer should have to take the complete responsibility of transparency while the process of auditing is on.
  • Other markings can also be affixed by the manufacturer provided that it does not affect the clear visibility of the CE mark.
  • The ce marking rules do not allow the authorized manufacturer to use the CE mark for another manufacturer.
  • The manufacture who misuses the marking and deviates from the rules of marking shall be treated with strict legal actions. The Manufacturer should agree upon the conditions being provided by the auditing committee for valid marking.

CE marking is the a world standard marking procedure

The ce marking regulations are stringent as they are being recognized by the industries and the consumers all over the world. Since the marking is a symbol of trust for the consumers, thus the marking and the auditing individuals don't entertain any sort of deviation or distortion of the regulations and the guidelines. CE mark is a logo or a hologram which cannot be duplicated. In the case of duplication or the replication of the logo is found then the concerned person or the company is subjected to strict legal prosecution. As per the current rules of the europian law, a CE marking is mandatory for the marketing and circulation of products in the Europian market. Thus, to enhance the scope of marketing your products, it is advisable to take adequate information as how to ce mark a product in a proper and authentic way.

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