EC Declaration of Conformity

CE declaration of conformity is the final process of confirmation of the fact that the product abides by the guidelines of certification and marking. We ensure a thorough check of the product before we state that the product is ready to be marked. We ensure that there is no deviation from the set parameters to ensure a safety and hazard free usage of the products. A CE certification is a pass for a product to circulate in a Europian market. The guidelines and the directives are based on the europian standards.

Benefits of ce and eu mark

A manufacturer who abides by the ce certification process reaps several benefits. A ce declaration of conformity for a product would bring various scopes in terms of cost and preferential marketings. The confirmation is a straight pass for the products in the europian market. Thus, the European declaration of conformity would provide you with benefits of marketing your products worldwide. The majority of the users and the buyers understand that a ce mark on the product is a guarantee of quality and trust. Thus, once you are able to get your products declared as the products meeting up the eu declaration of conformity guidelines you will be able to provide a statement of trust and authenticity to your customers. The process of CE marking process will also help the enhancing the designs of your product. The process of evaluation by our experts would provide you tips and guidelines for the improvement of the quality of the products.

The process of declaration

For the process of delegation and conformity, there is certain information that needs to be provided to the auditing body.

1. unique identification of the product
2. Name of the manufacturer of the authorized representative
3. Address of the manufacturer
4. Declaration from the side of the manufacturer that the confirmation is issued under the sole responsibility of the manufacturer (or installer)
5. identification of product allowing traceability. It may include a photograph, where appropriate
6. Reference of the specific directive under which the confirmation is done

Ce templates

Once the auditing experts are satisfied with the product quality, they issue a confirmation based on their evaluation. The Confirmation process is completed with the issue of the ce templates. This templates are visible on the body of the products stating the authenticity of the products.

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